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Most sewing machine companies in the past produced a "toy sewing machine" for the little girl to learn on. Often times these were given as a premium upon purchase of a regular machine. Toy machines can be found produced as early as 1700's to present and in every type of material- from cast iron to modern day plastics. Some of these are very ornate and detailed.  
Singer Toy Sewing Machine c. 1950
Size 6 1/2" h x 3 1/2" d x 7"w
Made in Great Britian
Shiny Beige Finish Primo Condition; No Chips
Includes Seam Guide, Box and Booklet; Box has wear and bare spots but solid; J-386
Singer Toy Seewing Machine c. 195
Size 6 1/2"h x 3 1/2"d x 7"w
Black Shiny Finish
Reference plate #370 Vol I; Thread route, tension, and spool holder
All painted black; No chips or rust, good condition; J-387
SINGER Toy Sewing Machine c. 1920
Size 6 1/4"h x 3"d x  7"w
Reference plate 357  vol 1
Near mint condition!
Size: 6" tall, 3" wide, 6" long
Black with gold, green and red designs
Price: $125
ESSEX Toy Sewing Machine c. 1940-1950
size 61/4"h x 31/2"d x 8"w
Machine sits on wood base and includes wood extension and original instruction book (ref: plate 130, vol 1) J-1438
Price: $185

SINGER Sewhandy Model 50D- c. 1960
Size: 7 1/2"h x 5 1/2"d x 11"w
Electric, has on/off motor switch and sew & stop leer. Also has tension regulator and seam guage. Plastic orange carrying case. *(ref: plate 377, vol.1)
Price: $100

Singer Toy Sewing Machine c. 1950
Size 6 1/2h x 3 1/2 d x 7 w
Made in Great Britain stamped on base above gold medal Shiny beige finish
reference-plate 373 vol 1
Beautiful condition, few minor chips on wheel and chip where clamp was used
ESSEX Toy Sewing Machine c.1940-1950
Size: 6 1/4"h x 3 1/2"d x 8"w
Machine sits on wood base and has an added table extension. Maroon body, all chrome plate, wheel, etc. Comes with vinyl case with metal corners, hinges, and clasps. Note: all the metal pieces have some rust, no attempt to remove yet. Handle is heavy plastic. Included are original instruction booklet, table extension, table clamp, and case.
*(ref: plate 130, vol.1)
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* NOTE: Toy sewing machines shown on this site will often times refer to a plate number to help describe and clarify the model being shown. These plate numbers refer to the two books written by Glenda Thomas, TOY AND MINIATURE SEWING MACHINES- vol. 1 & vol. 2 - Great reference books for both beginning and avid collectors!

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